Gibson Index

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Well, it's over.

I have decided to shut down the Gibson Index.

Originally I had hoped to educate people that, yes, there is a such thing as good hacking. That not every major media kerfuffle is as one-sided as it appears to be. I wanted to stop good people from being vilified for trying to help fix broken systems, and I wanted to acknowledge that even actual villains were getting unfairly persecuted by the justice systems of the world, seemingly due to a lack of understanding of what hacking really is.

What I ended up creating was an unfortunate time-sink that added little value to the discussion.

Over the past year, I'd given up on updating the site. Stunning hacking incidents were rolling in faster than I could keep up with, and it just felt pointless to try.

Maybe one day it will be back as it once was. Maybe it will be back as something new.

Maybe I'll buy a guitar.

Peace out.